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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 38 #m00563; Page(s) 141 To 162.

Causes of maximum crime and its structural transformation in Iran

Author(s):  Mohammadnejad Heidar*, Tajik Reza
* Faculty of Human Science, Varamin-Pishva Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Maximum crime means excessive laws in the field of criminal law and confirms the imposition of restrictions on the rights and freedoms of citizens by the governing board. It should be said that the root causes of maximum crime in Iran are the broadness and integrity of the government in all areas, as well as the entry of the state into the field of ethics and privacy and various areas such as audiovisual matters and the manner in which individuals are covered. Not only has it created social deviations in the form of crime and the mixing of the boundaries of crime and sin, but also, due to the lack of attention to the values and attitudes of the people, has provided grounds for the reduction of the integrity of the criminal justice system. Sometimes we may face the root causes of the maximum crime in Iran. According to the research, it can be concluded that the factors such as moving away from the philosophy of separation of powers, the existence of parallel criminal entities, including the Expediency Council, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the Assembly of Experts and the Constitutional Guardian Council Among the structural causes of maximum crime are Iran. The imposition of political, economic, and social costs on the body of government and society is one of the greatest effects and consequences of criminalization. In order to cope with this challenge, the criminal justice system should seek to cope with this issue; among them The necessity of separation of powers and minimum crime and decriminalization of structural change and criminal legislation are in contrast to maximum criminalization. In this descriptive-analytical study, we will try to investigate the causes of maximum crime and its structural transformation in Iran.
Keyword(s): Maximum crime,Minimal state,Decriminalization,Interference
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