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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF COMPOSITES (JSTC)   June 2019 , Volume 6 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 99 To 108.

Mechanical properties of laminated composites reinforced by natural fibers of cotton, wool and kenaf under tensile, flexural and shear loadings

Author(s):  MORADI ELHAM, ZEINEDINI AFSHIN*, Heidari shahmaleki Ehsan
* Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kermanshah Azad University, Kermanshah, Iran
The increasing need for manufacturing of eco-friendly products has led researchers to explore the possibility of using of natural fibers in the fabricating of composites. In the current study, plain-woven plant fibers of cotton and kenaf, and animal fiber of wool with were used as the reinforcement of epoxy-based laminated composites. Moreover, in order to evaluate the mechanical properties of the natural fibers reinforced laminated composites, plain-woven E-glass/epoxy composites were also manufactured. The mechanical properties of the samples subjected to tensile, shear and flexural loadings were determined. The results showed that the fraction of the specific tensile strength of the cotton/epoxy laminates to laminates reinforced by kenaf or wool fiber is equal to 1. 71 and 4. 47, respectively. Under shear loading, the specific strength of the samples was also 1. 24 and 2. 45 times greater by changing the kenaf and wool fibers to cotton fiber, respectively. In addition, the specific flexural strength of the cotton/epoxy composites was respectively obtained 1. 42 and 2. 34 times greater than that of the kenaf/epoxy and wool/epoxy composites. Moreover, the specific energy absorption related to the cotton/epoxy laminated composites under tensile loading is 2. 7 times greater than that of the glass fiber reinforced laminated composites. At the end, in order to measure the amount of water absorbed by different samples, moisture absorption test was also carried out at intervals of 3 and 10 days. It was revealed that the greatest percent of the water absorption (7. 47%) is related to the cotton reinforced specimen at interval of 10 days.
Keyword(s): Natural fibers,Epoxy,Mechanical properties Laminated composites
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