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Journal:   JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF COMPOSITES (JSTC)   June 2019 , Volume 6 , Number 1 #a00472; Page(s) 53 To 67.

Evaluation the energy release rate of induced delamination due to matrix cracking in symmetric composite laminate

Author(s):  Rahmani Mohamad, FARROKHABADI AMIN*
* Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran
In this paper by implementing energy based theory, growth of induced delamination due to matrix cracking have been studied in symmetric composite laminates subjected to constant in-plane stresses and constant thermal stresses. Two unconstrained and generalized plane strain states have been analyzed here. Matrix cracking as a primary assumption has been supposed in both states and the impact of matrix cracking and delamination on the stiffness degradation is calculated. Afterwards some thermoelastic constants, which are only depended on, ply material properties of composite lamina are. Then by relating stiffness matrix elements using these constants, a simple equation due for Gibbs free energy acquired. By differentiating the Gibbs free energy equation for delamination length other simple equation was obtained to compute energy release rate. To verify the obtained results, ANSYS finite element software is used. The obtained results reveal that there is good agreement between the extended and FE approaches.
Keyword(s): Composites,Matrix cracks,Delamination,Energy releas rate,Strain energy,Critical strain energy
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