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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   winter 2019 , Volume 14 , Number 38 ; Page(s) 191 To 209.

Influence of the rule of law on the realization of cucumber

* Law Department, Payame Noor University, Borujen, Tehran, Iran
This article is about the extent to which the rule of law is inappropriate for the realization of cucumbers. There is no doubt that the right to terminate a marriage contract for an overwhelming person will arise when the ghbn emerges. The present paper, using the descriptive-analytical method, uses the library resources to answer these questions. What determines which conditions and conditions for the realization of cucumbers are provided, what factors are elements of the continuity of cucumber survival and Ultimately, how can the conflict of law rules be resolved with the provisions of Article 421 of the Civil Code. The basic principles of cucumber should be limited to three factors: the subjective factors, the rule of law and abusive use, but the elements of the continuity of cucumber survival after the realization of this cucumber in the world of credit are: the use of narrations, neglect, the establishment of security and health Contractor, Principle of Assertiveness and Implied Will. Regarding the apparent conflict between the rule of law and the provisions of article 421 of the Civil Code, it should be acknowledged that the rule of law is a condition for the realization and life of cucumbers, but it is not a condition for the continuity of the survival of this cucumber. That is why, by paying all the damages and distributions of the contractual amount by the Nebuchadnezzar to the pernicious person of this cucumber shall not be waived.
Keyword(s): Wafer,Cucumber,Cucumber,Cucumber,Article 421 of the Civil Code
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