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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   fall 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 37 #m00562; Page(s) 29 To 50.

Analyzing the Concept and Differences of serious Crimes

Understanding the concept of serious and more serious crimes and identifying these crimes from each other has important results. This article deals with forms of intensification of crime, and then numerate the serious crimes factors. The multiplicity of committing crimes, the offender ‘ behavior, the victim's personality, and the circumstances of committing a crime effect in exacerbating or reducing the crime and in some cases may exacerbate crime. The criteria for identifying these crimes from each other are among the most important of this article. At the first glance, the amount of punishment for committing offenses is the factor for determining the severity of the punishment. Although this factor is applicable, simple and useful, but it is not enough to analyzing all cases. The crime’ s methods were committed and the values supported by legislator, were highlighted as other factors that determinate serious from more serious crime. In addition, this article focuses on the difference between the aggravating factors of crime and the aggravating factors of punishment. Aggravating crime factors can be seen in terms of behavior, circumstances and criminal circumstances, or even the result of a crime, but the aggravating factors of punishment are cases that lead to intensification of the punishment without exacerbating the crime.
Keyword(s): Serious Crimes,More Serious Crimes,Legal Punishment
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