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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   fall 2018 , Volume 14 , Number 37 #m00562; Page(s) 115 To 130.

Introduction to Online dispute Resolution

Author(s):  SALIMI MOHSEN*
* Shiraz Azad University, Law Group, Shiraz, Iran
Nowadays, new communication technologies is influencing on multiple aspects of human life. Law, also, is influenced by new technologies. One of the logical fields influenced by new communication technologies and configured new shape is commercial dispute resolution field. At present, methods configured in international trade law to resolve disputes by communication between parties and arbitrator through internet. The methods entitled as online dispute resolution (ODR) methods deviated from alternative or amicable resolution methods like arbitration, mediation, and negotiation. What are the online dispute resolution (ODR) method definitions. What are the online dispute resolution (ODR) method features and benefits compared to other methods, what are online dispute resolution (ODR) methods types. Are common questions this study aims to answer in order to identity above mentioned methods. Thus, domestic and foreign references of this area studies through library method.
Keyword(s): Resolution,Online,Arbitration,Mediation
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