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Journal:   JOURNAL OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (MANAGEMENT KNOWLEDGE)   spring 2019 , Volume 11 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 73 To 98.

Applying an Interactive Policy Making Approach to Formulating a Pattern of Anti-money Laundering

* Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Economic and Accounting, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran
Objective: Interactive policy-making theory is one of the most recent theories in the field of public policy-making. An interactive policy is a process in which several groups are actively involved and jointly make a decision. Regarding the status of the policy-making process in the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is a strong need for such mechanisms so that they can act against the infamous phenomena such as money laundering. Money laundering is one of the most significant examples of administrative corruption that occurs in most of the countries of the world. The purpose of the present research is to use an interactive policy approach to formulate a model to resist money laundering that is developed exclusively in the Islamic Republic of Iran banking system. Methods: The mixed research method is applied in this research (comprising both qualitative-quantitative and qualitative research methods) that uses exploratory sequential approach to collect qualitative data and then uses theme analysis to collect quantitative data. Results: According to the research findings, 285 indicators were extracted from interviews and local and international literature. Among these indicators, 59 main themes, 16 organizing themes and 5 inclusive themes were identified. Conclusion: Based on the results of the research, the application of interactive policymaking approach in formulating an anti-money laundering model provides a participatory and managerial approach that can be influential in combating money laundering based on knowledge and using participatory interactions of effective players.
Keyword(s): Policy, Interactive policy making, Money laundering, Anti- money laundering
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