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Journal:   JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLITICS   winter 2018 , Volume 13 , Number 34 ; Page(s) 89 To 114.

The expansion of light pollution and legal claims to fight with it in selected countries (Iran, France & China)

Author(s):  POORHASHEMI SEYED ABBAS, Zare Ali, Mosavi Madani Negin*
* Department of Environmental Law, Graduate School of Environment and Energy, Science and Research Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Even though development of technology and especially utilization of light have a positive role in the development of international community, but at the same time, it can be an element of environmental degradation. If we accept that the pollution is any adverse change of contaminants into the natural environment in the way that cause directly or indirectly harm to humans or other living organisms, or that damage the environment, the inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light could be considered as pollution. In order to combat light pollution, many countries have tried to regulate the exploitation and dissemination of light in their countries in terms of standards and regulations. In recent years, the light pollution has been a significant increase in France, China and Iran, especially in their large cities. However, continuing existence light pollution confirms legal and administrative gaps in this field. This article, based on the legal deductive analysis, is trying to analyze and examine the laws and the regulations related to light pollution in Iran, China and France. Finally it trying to show the legal capacities of the laws and the regulations related to light pollution in these countries, to examine the legal and administrative gaps, and eventually provide some solutions to this issue.
Keyword(s): Light pollution,Light pollution law,Iranian law,France law,China law
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