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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   winter 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 4 (SERIAL NUMBER 26) ; Page(s) 45 To 57.

Estimation of Economical Value of Astragalus gossypinus and Astragalus verus in Comparison with Income from Pastures Forage of Isfahan Rangelands

Author(s):  RAUFIRAD VALIOLLAH*, Bagheri Setareh, JAFARI MOHAMMAD, Mirtalebi Abtin
* University of Agricultural sciences and Natural Resources, Sari, Iran
The forage and Astragalus productions are main products and major sub-products of semi-arid regions of Isfahan rangelands. Some economic indices of harvesting and selling of Astragalus sub-products were evaluated. Therefore, the statistical papulation in the study included beneficiaries operators of the forage and Astragalus product. In addition, data were obtained through field work using unstructured interviews as well as direct observation. Results showed that marketing margin for Astragalus gossypinus and Astragalus verus were 44. 44 and 42. 5 percent, respectively. Besides, annual net income obtained by harvesting of forage species was 106 million Rials. That was nearly 76% of annual income of each rural household. And also, the annual net income obtained by harvesting both species of Astragalus gossypinus and Astragalus verus were 11. 78 million Rials, that was 8. 47% of each household income. Royalties for forage and Astragalus product were also estimated 2. 65 billion Rials per hectares annually and 5. 46 billion Rials per year, respectively. Furthermore, the findings indicated that the share of annual employment for forage production and Astragalus utilization were estimated 120 and 68 people, respectively. The share of Astragalus by-product of total employment obtained from forage and by product was also estimated at about 64. 39 percent. The results demonstrated that the use of Astragalus has been a profitable economic activity, which along with other rangeland products such as forage play an important role in the local economy and the area. In addition to creating jobs, it reduces the degradation and conversion of pastures to drylands. In addition, the economic investigation, particularly assessment and evaluation of market and nonmarket functions of rangelands can assist to better introduce the true value andfunctions of this resource as well as designing appropriate mechanisms for conservation and optimal utilization in all levels of management.
Keyword(s): Marketing margin,Net income,Royalties,By-products,Isfahan
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