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Journal:   RENEWABLE NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH   winter 2017 , Volume 7 , Number 4 (SERIAL NUMBER 26) ; Page(s) 1 To 16.

A comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative of Oak (Quercus castaneifolia) Regeneration in the Protected and Unprotected Forests in Northern Khorasan

Author(s):  Aghasizadeh Mansooreh*, TAHERI ABKENAR KAMBIZ, Amoli Kondori Alireza
* University of Guilan, Guilan, Iran
Canopy gaps have an important role in establishing of natural regeneration and determining the vegetation composition in forest ecosystems. The regeneration of oak trees can lead to better management of forest stands. This study was performed in the Oak forest of northern Khorasan to investigate the characteristics of established seedlings in forest gaps. To study the natural regeneration in the forests, 30 gaps in the protected area and 30 gaps in the unprotected area were selected (in three classes). At first, the gaps area was recorded and the selected parameters such as slope, direction, height, herb layer were measured. The specifications of quantitative parameters (light intensity, regeneration, diameter at breast height ( 1. 30 m ) and collar diameter of oak seedling (Quercus castaneifolia) and qualitative (mode of branching, crown shape) in various gaps were studied. There was a significant difference between these two regions in terms of the parameters mentioned except collar diameter and diameter at breast height of the seedlings. The regenerations in both areas in the gaps of 500-800 m2 have had a better situation than other gaps. In addition, the best c ondition was qualitatively observed in the gaps of500-800 m2. Finally, it can be concluded that the regeneration in the protected area both quantitative and qualitative was in a more suitable situation than the unprotected area, because the unprotected area was closer t o the village and under more destruction and utilization than the dense area.
Keyword(s): Gap,Northern Khorasan,Quercus castaneifolia,Regeneration
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