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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   WINTER 2018 , Volume 24 , Number 4 (69) ; Page(s) 881 To 896.

Developing and validation of appropriate indicators for assessing rural resilience to drought risk (Case study: Hableroud Watershed Basin)

Author(s):  TALESHI M.*, ALIAKBARI E., JAFARI M., Akhlaghi S.J.
* Payam Noor University, Tehran, Iran
Resilience indicators against environmental hazards are one of the basic criteria in planning and evaluating adaptation programs with the effects of natural hazards in rural areas. The present paper seeks to identify, formulate and validate the resilience indicators in rural areas to drought, so that planners and researchers can study these resiliency, drought and water crisis indicators, confirmed by the agreement of experts. The research method is descriptive-analytic, using questionnaires of experts and experts. In this research, different criteria and indices of theoretical literature were extracted and 35 questionnaires were subjected to arbitration by experts. In this research, 25 suitable indicators approved by executive experts and local experts have been introduced. The most suitable indicators and the most consensus can be indicators such as: livelihoods of the household, the growth trend or decrease in the natural resources of the village, the probability of immigration from the village, access to various agricultural water resources, the level of agricultural land (ownership), the state of insurance coverage and emergency services, agricultural development, household saving potential, and the prospects for non-farm business in the future. The results of this research can be the beginning for the development of a national model of rural resilience assessment indicators, the establishment of resilience index data banks and their quantitative reduction in order to achieve sustainable development and also reduce the effects of climate change and drought in rural areas of the country.
Keyword(s): Rural resilience,index,validation,draught,Hableroud Watershed Basin,Iran
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