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Journal:   WATERSHED ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 10 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 701 To 713.

Biological, chemical and mineral mulches effect on stabilization of dust storm sources, case study: Ilam Province

Author(s):  BAZGIR MASOUD*, Namdar Khojasteh Davood
* Faculty of Agriculture, Ilam University, Iran
Dust storm is a meteorological phenomenon which is common in arid and semi-arid regions. Dust storms are also one of the environmental concerns in Iran. There are different methods to control this phenomenon which some of them have limitations. Application of mulches is one of the ways to control and prevent dust storms. This study, aims to evaluate the behavior of biological, chemical and mineral mulches during one week in laboratory conditions and six months to stabilize the source of dust storm and improve the persistence of these mulches in Ilam Province. In order to study dust storm stabilization by these mulches, different tests were carried out including wind tunnel test, light and temperature stress effect on strength, pressure resistance, aggregate stability and soil loss. Wind erosion resistance determined in laboratory conditions by wind erosion simulation in 25 m s-1 for 15 minute of each treatment for both, one week and six months. According to the results, strength, pressure resistance, aggregate stability and wind tunnel simulation, three formulation of F4, F13 and F14 (zantan polymer-calcium carbonate, polyvinyl acetate-calcium carbonate and zantan-polyvinyl acetate) were recommended for stabilization of dust storm in Ilam Province. Generally, for soil stabilization suitable formulation based on climatic, soil physical and chemical properties are needed for each region.
Keyword(s): Arid and semi-arid region,Dust storm,Meteorological phenomenon,Mulch,Wind tunnel
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