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Journal:   WATERSHED ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 10 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 608 To 617.

Evaluation and comparison of flow hydraulic in side piano key weirs of type B, type C and sharp crest side weir in acurved channel

Author(s):  Mehri Yaser, SOLTANI JABER*, SANEIE MOJTABA, Rostami Mohammad
* University College of Abureyhan, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
A side weir is a structure which is set in a side of main channel and used for discharge of additional flow, diverting excess water and water level control of channels and in irrigation and drainage systems. Due to difficulties presented in mountainous regions, lateral ‘ piano key weirs’ could be used in arc-shaped channels. In addition, curved channels, which are commonly used in mountainous areas, are places that can be used to locate the side piano key weirs. In this research, experimental investigation was performed on side piano key weirs type B, type c and sharp crest side weir on flow in the 30 degree curved channel. Among the findings of the above survey, one could point out to the equality of the specific energy on the two edges of piano key lateral weirs, the changes of which equal 0. 277% for type C piano key lateral weir and 1. 98% for type B weir. Also, focusing on the empirical analyses, it becomes evident that the coefficient of discharge for piano key weir bears a higher quantity considering the more effective length corresponding to rectangular weir. Comparing the coefficient of discharge of the two weir types C and B, it becomes evident that type B weir has a better functioning in relation to type C.
Keyword(s): Curved channel,Experimental investigation,Flow pattern,Piano key weirs,Specific energy
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