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Journal:   JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES   Spring 2019 , Volume 17 , Number 52 #p00526; Page(s) 125 To 152.

Identify and prioritize Strategies to Reduce Plant Power Equipments Supply Chain Costs Through Value Engineering

Author(s):  Heidary Dahooie Jalil, Hosseini Dehshiri Seyyed Jalal
Value engineering is one of the tools to create and improvement value while reduces unnecessary costs and keeps the original function, leads to increased efficiency. Today this technique used to reduce the cost in industries that are facing high costs such as the electricity industry. The evidence and expert’ s opinion implying that many factors causing costs in the industry is related to the supply chain the low efficiency in the supply chain, resulting in increased costs. So to increase performance and reduce costs, the research was conducted aimed to identify and prioritize solutions reduce costs in the supply chain for cables and accessories combined cycle power plant Sirjan (Gol Gohar), who has a major role in the country's electricity supply. The final solutions for cost reduction after holding several meetings with experts of the project value engineering team were identified. Then these solutions were evaluated with criteria extracted of the research literature and opinions of experts of the project value engineering team were moderated and finalized. The final criteria and each of the sub-criteria were weighted by SWARA. Then final weight was calculated for each of the sub-criteria. In order to prioritize final solutions we used ARAS-G. After prioritizing solutions, solution the twelfth (reducing the time of order up to purchase and deliver through the reform procedures purchase), as the best solution was identified to reduce costs and thus increase performance supply chain target.
Keyword(s): Value Engineering,SWARA,ARAS-G,the supply chain for cables and accessories,combined cycle power plant Sirjan (Gol Gohar)
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