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Journal:   JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES   Spring 2019 , Volume 17 , Number 52 #p00526; Page(s) 59 To 88.

A Mathematical Model for Operating Rooms Planning Under Uncertainty (The case: Ghaem Hospital of Mashhad)

Author(s):  goldani nasrin, NAJI AZIMI ZAHRA, NAZEMI SHAMSODDIN
The control and planning of operating rooms have became more and more important for hospital managers. Nowadays, the operating rooms, as key resources, often lead to a great time waste. So, appropriate scheduling of operations in order to increase the efficiency of the operating rooms, are significant research topics in medical care. In this study, a new linear programming model has been developed for the assignment of patients to the operating rooms. Since the duration of surgical procedure is a stochastic parameter, in this paper a two-stage stochastic programming model has been presented in addition the deterministic model. These presented models simultaneously investigate the scheduling of surgeries and allocating them to the surgery rooms. The aim of this study is to minimize the cost of assigning patients to unspecialized rooms and reduce the cost of doctors’ idle time per working shifts by taking into account the constraints. The suggested models were applied for the surgery department of Ghaem hospital of Mashhad and solved by ILOG CPLEX 12. 6. 1 Microsoft Visual Studio environment. The results show that the deterministic proposed model increases the average efficiency of hospital to 38. 275% and the stochastic model increases the average efficiency to 85. 32%.
Keyword(s): Operating Room Planning,scheduling,Assigning,Linear Programming Model
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