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Journal:   WATERSHED ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT   2019 , Volume 10 , Number 4 #g00632; Page(s) 506 To 515.

Trend analysis of modified Fournier erosivity and standardized precipitation indices variations in North-Khorasan Province, Iran

* Faculty of Natural Resources, Tarbaiat Modares University, Iran
Rainfall erosivity factor is the first noticeable point in soil erosion issues that plays very important role in detachment of soil particle from the origin bed. Hence, investigation of rainfall erosivity factor trend is necessary in decision-making and planning in order to manage soil and water resources. However, studies on various aspects of erosivity like trend and in interaction with precipitation and SPI index have not been attended well. The present study therefore aimed to investigate the rainfall erosivity factor trend based on the Fournier index in 28 stations throughout North-Khorasan Province during the period of 1987 to 2006 by using the Mann-Kendall test. In addition, the SPI and precipitation trend were comprehensively investigated for better characterization of erosivity trend analysis. Results showed that Noushirvan, Faruj, Ayerqayeh and Gholaman stations had decreasing trend and other study stations (71. 85%) had increasing trend in the modified Fournier erosivity index. The SPI and precipitation in the study area indicated that most of the stations (89. 28%) excluding Khartot, Noushirvan, Faruj and Ayerqayeh had increasing trend. The maximum and the minimum values of modified Fournier erosivity index with 70. 97 and 33. 44 mm were also assigned to Darkesh and Abiary Bojnourd stations, respectively.
Keyword(s): Rainfall erosivity,Temporal variation of erosivity,Soil and water management,Trend analysis
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