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Journal:   VILLAGE AND DEVELOPMENT   fall 2018 , Volume 21 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 25 To 49.

Investigating the Changes in Rural Housing Pattern and Evaluating Their Economic Effects: A Case Study of Aji-Chay and Meidan-Chay Sub-districts in Tabriz County of Iran

This applied study aimed at examining the effects of social changes in the lives of rural people on the pattern of rural housing and their economic consequences in Aji-Chay and Meidan-Chay sub-districts in Tabriz County of Iran. It was a descriptive-analytical and correlation study. The required data were mainly based on field studies and sampling (Cochran) and collected from 350 households. The results of Pearson correlation test showed that there was strong and significant relationship between social changes and the pattern of rural housing and economic factors; and the results indicated a direct and relatively complete correlation between social change and spatial distribution pattern of housing in ten villages. Also, to assess the impact of social change and the pattern of housing and economic changes regression, Fit model was used and the results showed that social change indicators ranging from cultural acceptance, consumerism and social abnormalities in rural life were effective on rural housing pattern changes by 0. 256, 0. 154 and 0. 157, respectively. In addition, the results of the indices of housing and economic factors indicated that housing architectural plan (0. 195), house building quality (0. 168) and resistance of housing (0. 111) had direct effects on economic factors.
Keyword(s): Social Changes,Pattern of Housing,Economic Effects,Aji-Chay and Meidan-Chay (Sub-districts),Tabriz (County)
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