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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   winter 2019 , Volume 25 , Number 4 (73); Page(s) 805 To 816.

Analysis on the women’ s role in the management of nomadic rangelands (Case study: Allotments of Shoul Abad region in Lorestan province)

* Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, Golestan, Iran
This study was aimed to investigate the effect of labour division pattern on rangeland management activities in nomadic families as well as women’ s role in management of rangelands in two allotments in Shoul Abad region, Aligudarz Township, in Lorestan province. This research was conducted by using survey method. In the first section, some data were collected using irregular interview and observation, and then obtained data was used in a questionnaire design. To determine sample size, Krejcie-Morgan-sample-size-table was used. In quantitative section, a total number of 44 questionnaires with open-ended questions were completed by nomadic women. Rangeland management was studied in three sections of exploitation, conservation, restoration and development. The findings of the present study showed that the effect of labor division pattern on the activities of these families is such that women play their most roles in rangeland exploitation and have a smaller role in the conservation and restoration of rangelands. The results also showed that nomadic women as in the past have played a significant role in the production of livestock and dairy products as well as harvesting of medicinal and edible plants, and they have an important role in the production and supply of these products.
Keyword(s): Labor division,women’s role,nomadic rangelands,Shoul Abad
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