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Journal:   VILLAGE AND DEVELOPMENT   summer 2018 , Volume 21 , Number 2 ; Page(s) 125 To 148.

Economic and Social Effects of Targeted Subsidies from the Perspective of Rural People in Zanjan County of Iran

Author(s):  KARAMI ROYA*
This study aimed to investigate the economic and social effects of consumption subsidy using quantitative approach in the population of rural people in Zanjan County of Iran. For this purpose, it used a cluster sampling method and the sample size of 270 was calculated using the Cochran formula. The research tool was a questionnaire, the validity of which was assessed using a panel of experts, and its reliability was evaluated in a pilot study. The results of factor analysis showed that the significant dimensions contributing to economic effects of the targeted subsidies with respect to their importance included growing the incomes and the purchasing power, developing agricultural activities, and rising costs. The results regarding the social effects of the targeted subsidies showed that five dimensions with priority of psychological and social sense of security had significant and constructive contribution. Based on the results, it was suggested that consumption subsidy payments needed to be targeted toward vulnerable households. Likewise, in order to guide the consumption and establish its true culture, holding the training courses in person or through media was suggested.
Keyword(s): Economic Effects,Social Effects,Consumption Subsidy,Costs,Purchasing Power,Social Capital,Luxury Consumption,Zanjan (County)
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