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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   2016 , Volume 23 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 593 To 605.

Variability of soil properties because of vegetation canopy cover and different grazing intensities

* Department of Range Management; Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran
Soil is a suitable bed for plant growth and development of vegetation, so that if it is not conserved, it will result in the nutrient deficiency, soil erosion and degradation of natural resources. In this research, the spatial variability of some chemical and physical properties of soil was investigated in different vegetation covers (minimum, moderate and maximum) and different grazing intensities including reference area (light grazing), key area (moderate grazing) and critical area (heavy grazing) in the winter rangelands of Nasho, Mazandaran province. Soil samples were collected from 0-30 cm depth according to a systematic grid (30×30 m) and then transferred to the laboratory. Soil chemical and physical properties including acidity (pH), Electrical Conductivity (EC), caco3, bulk density, particle density, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, available potassium, organic matter, initial moisture content, percentage of clay, silt and sand, sodium, calcium, and magnesium were measured in laboratory. In addition, soil surface resistance was measured in the field with a portable penetrometer. The results of statistical analysis showed that different grazing intensities had significant effects on organic matter, available potassium, pH, EC, caco3, calcium, bulk density, initial moisture content, and surface resistance of soil. Different vegetation covers had significant effects on silt percentage, organic matter, pH, EC, calcium and initial moisture content of soil.
Keyword(s): Grazing intensities,Nasho rangeland,soil properties,variability
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