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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   2016 , Volume 23 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 555 To 566.

Trend Analysis of Hydroclimatological Parameters and Detection of Manageral Changes inWater Resources Conditions of HableroodWatershed

Author(s):  Seyed Ali s.s., RAHIMI M.*, DASTORANI J., Khosroshahai m.
* Faculty of Natural Resources, Semnan University, Iran
In this study, the impact of climatological parameters and land use on water yield of the watershed was investigated. Therefore, the trend of climatological parameters (precipitation and temperature) and stream flow discharge were studied monthly, quarterly and annually at the stations located inside and near the watershed using Mann-Kendall test. To evaluate the land use changes and its impact on run-off, the Helsel and Hirsch method was employed. In this method, the impact of precipitation (as exogenous variable) and the serial correlation of run-off data were removed, and again the trend test was implemented on the remaining logarithmic data of run-off (adjusted). In addition, the variations of snow line during the last 20 years were investigated to determine the role of climatological variation on watershed landscape. The results revealed that precipitation and mean temperature parameters over monthly, seasonal, and annual scales as well as run-off data after removing the precipitation impact and serial correlation between data had no significant trend. Therefore, it is concluded that climatological parameters and land use changes had no noticeable influence on the surface water of the watershed. Our results clearly showed that the Helsel and Hirsch method could be used in other regions since it could remove the effects of precipitation and its variation carefully. Moreover, the snow line of the study watershed showed no significant trend. According to the minimum and average snow line height, a high annual fluctuation was observed in the watershed during the study period. These factors may be the main reasons for non-significance of stream flow discharge and run-off height trends.
Keyword(s): Hablerood,Mann-Kendall,snow line,trend,water resources
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