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Journal:   JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES   winter 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 51 #p00525; Page(s) 1 To 27.

Modeling and Solving of A Multiproduct Vendor Managed Inventory System with Stochastic Warehouse Capacity and Budget Constraints

* Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kharazmi University, Tehran, Iran
Supply chain collaboration has been recognized as a potential business differentiator and a source of creating competitive advantage. One of the most common collaborations in the supply chain is vendor managed inventory. In this paper, a two echelon supply chain with one vendor, multi retailers and multi products under VMI contract is investigated. After producing, the products are sent to retailers cyclically (i. e., retailer1-retailer2-retailer1 for a two retailer system) and there are n deliveries to each retailer in a single production setup. Due to uncertainty of the warehouse capacity for both echelons of the chain, and also the changing market conditions, stochastic constraints of warehouse capacity and budget are considered for both echelons. The principle aim of the paper is to minimize the total cost of the supply chain by optimizing the order quantity of each product for each retailer. At the end a numerical example of the model is solved by GAMS24. 1. 2 software. The sensitive analysis on the partnerؘ s parameters cleared that the parameters of the vendor is more effective to mitigate the total cost of the supply chain.
Keyword(s): Vendor Managed Inventory,Cyclical Replenishment,Stochastic Warehouse Capacity and Budget of The Supplier and Retailers
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