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Journal:   JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT STUDIES   winter 2019 , Volume 16 , Number 51 ; Page(s) 29 To 54.

Maskan Bank Branches Efficiency Assessment of Fars Province Using a Combination of Balanced Scorecard Approach and Fuzzy Cognitive Map

Author(s):  SHAFIEE MORTEZA*, Motovaseli Fereshteh
* Economic and Management Faculty, Shiraz Azad University, Shiraz Iran
In today's competitive and global economy, the life and activity of the organization is determined by the ability to compete and adopt the most appropriate policy against environmental changes. In this regard, the knowledge about the performance of all aspects of the organization is vital for management decisions. Although extensive studies has been carried out in evaluating the performance of organizations through the balanced scorecard (BSC), but there are defects such as focusing on a one-way causality, ignoring the replacement between indexes and between the four-way, and equality between weighted value of indexes. In the present study, focusing on the casual relationships between factors and also between the direction and strength of these relationships, we tried to improve the balanced scorecard method. To do this, first all the relationships between the four dimensions of BSC were determined using fuzzy cognitive map, and it was then used to obtain a network structure, which was used later to create a network data envelopment analysis (NDEA) model. Finally, this model was used to evaluate the performance in Maskan Bank of Fars province. The results show that between 82 branches investigated, 15 branches were efficient and the others inefficient.
Keyword(s): Performance Assessment,Balanced Scorecard,Fuzzy Cognitive Map,Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA),Network Data Envelopment Analysis (NDEA)
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