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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   FALL 2017 , Volume 24 , Number 3 (68) #R00445; Page(s) 658 To 675.

Modeling of soil erodibility in the Khoor and Biabanak region

Author(s):  MOUSAVI S.A.*, Ranjbar Fodoie A., MOUSAVI S.H., SADATI NEJAD S.J.
* Department of Desert Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources and Geo Sciences, University of Kashan, Iran
Soil erosion is influenced by erosivity and erodibility factors and regional modeling of erodibility could be a criterion for estimating soil loss and land degradation. This research was aimed to modeling the erodibility in the Khoyobanabank region using physical soil components and land and vegetation physiognomy through statistical analysis methods. For this purpose, first, 33 soil samples were taken along three transects from playa to the mountain units at a depth of 0 to 50 centimeters. Then through laboratory analysis, the content of sand, clay, silt, carbon and organic matter were measured and erodibility (K) and soil erosion index (SEI) were calculated. In addition, physiognomic parameters such as slope, elevation and slope direction, as well as vegetation cover, were estimated at these points. Finally, the relationship between the above components was determined by simple and multivariate regression, and the most suitable relations were selected. Modeling results show maximum linear relationship between SEI and silt, clay and sand as well as between K and sand, clay and silt. Multiple regression results indicate the most significant relationship between SEI and K with soil physical parameters and land and vegetation physiognomy (P<0. 01). These results could provide the possibility of quick and relatively accurate estimation of erodibility in the form of calculating SEI and K through physical soil components and land and vegetation physiognomy using one-way and multivariate statistical models. Obviously, in the case of achieving the mentioned components, soil erodibility could be estimated in Khobibanbak Basin using linear and nonlinear models.
Keyword(s): Erodibility,modeling,regression analysis,soil physical component,Khoor and Biabanak
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