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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   FALL 2017 , Volume 24 , Number 3 (68) #R00445; Page(s) 623 To 634.

Investigation on the validity of soil surface indicators assessment using LFA method (Case study: western rangelands of Gonbadekavous city)

Author(s):  Keykha e., NIKNAHAD GHAREMAKHER H.*
* Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Gorgan, Iran
The Landscape Function Analysis (LFA) is a new method for rangelands analysis based on ecosystem performance indices. Determining the validity and accuracy of evaluation methods to achieve better and more accurate results as well as determining their efficiency in different regions is of great importance. The purpose of this study was to determine the validity and efficiency of LFA method in winter rangelands of Gonbadekavoos city in Golestan province. For this purpose, after identification of patches and inter– patches, the LFA indices (infiltration, stability, soil nutrient cycling), were determined in the field using 11 soil surface parameters with 10 replications. The rate of soil infiltration was determined using a single metal ring in the field, while the soil stability and organic carbon were determined by wet sieving and Walky-Black methods, respectively. The level of compliance of indices provided by the LFA method from field and laboratory measurements was considered as the basis for the validity of these indices. The results demonstrated that stability and soil nutrient cycling indices (R= 0/551 and R= 0. 485), had fair validity (R= 0. 4 – 0. 6) and their use in rangeland management of the study area is recommended. Soil infiltration index (R= 0. 219) had a low validity (R= 0. 2 – 0. 4), therefore, its application in rangeland management of the study area is not recommended.
Keyword(s): LFA,infiltration,stability,soil nutrient cycling
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