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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   FALL 2017 , Volume 24 , Number 3 (68) ; Page(s) 513 To 523.

Effects of livestock number on range condition (Case study: Shahsavan nomads of Meshginshahr city)

* Sari University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Sari, Iran
Understanding the degradation factors of natural resources and its impact on people's life provides an opportunity for managers to plan an overall strategy for sustainable economic, social and environmental development. The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between range condition and number of livestock of Shahsavan tribe in the Sabalan Mountain range. In this regard, four range allotments including Daly Qasem, Laleh Lu, Nabi Chamani and Arkh Bandi was selected and the statistical population was 70 beneficiaries having license grazing, of which 58 samples (people) were selected by Cochran's formula. The research tool was a questionnaire completed through direct interviews with the beneficiaries in the study region. Range condition, calculated by the six-factor method, was the dependent variable in this study. The correlation between range condition and number of livestock was analyzed using Pearson's test in SPSS software. The livestock rate was compared by the Duncan test. The results obtained in this study indicated that there was a significant negative correlation between the range condition and number of livestock in the region. In other words, as the number of livestock increases to achieve higher annual income, range condition decreases. It seems that monitoring programs and proper management as well as implementation of rehabilitation and improvement projects could improve the balance between livestock and rangeland and increase the forage production. It directly and indirectly affects the annual income of beneficiaries and guarantees the ecological balance and social stability of range allotments through prevention of rangeland degradation and sustainable employment.
Keyword(s): Number of livestock,range conditions,economic issues,nomadic life,Shahsavan tribe
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