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Journal:   PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT   spring-summer 2019 , Volume 10 , Number 1 (18) #p00524; Page(s) 47 To 63.

Evaluation of Efficiency and Returns to Scale of Resin Chemical Industry Supply Chain using Crisp and Fuzzy Data Envelopment

* Department of Mathematics, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran
Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a suitable tool to improve economic, social and environmental performance. SCM assessment is an important task for all types of organizations. The DEA method has been widely used to evaluate SCM. By attention supply chain as network data envelopment analysis (DEA) can calculate the efficiency of supply chain with multiple stages. This study examines the efficiency and returns to scale (RTS) of supply chain management of resin manufacturing companies based on network DEA models. We determine returns to scale of resin manufacturing companies as a two-stage process, with crisp and fuzzy data. Fuzzy DEA model is based on 𝛼 approach to measure the efficiency and RTS of supply chain. The proposed models are used to evaluate the efficiency and RTS of supply chain of 27 resin production companies. The six companies were network efficient in the investigation with crisp data, while there are three network efficient companies with fuzzy data.
Keyword(s): Supply Chain Management,Data Envelopment Analysis,Efficiency,Return to Scale Fuzzy Data
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