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Journal:   JOURNAL OF ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE AND MANAGEMENT AUDITING   spring 2016 , Volume 5 , Number 17 ; Page(s) 147 To 155.

Investigating the Match Citation between Dissertations of Management Accounting Graduates and Research Activities of Faculty Members in Shiraz& Tehran Universities (1380-1390)

Author(s):  JAMEI REZA, Rezaei Yamin Faezeh
This research investigates the scientific behavior of PhD and M. A accounting graduates in Shiraz & Tehran Universities in terms of how they use information resources. Research method used in this study is citation analysis. This study attempts to determine the main resources used by students in terms of language, format, and publication, use of available resources in libraries and research activities of faculty members in faculty of management by analyzing the obtained information. (128 dissertations)Ninety five M. A and seventeen PhD dissertations with 7329 references are studied and the results show that these graduates have referred to articles 49. 93 percent more than other information resources and they have used Persian resources 59. 68 percent more than the English resources. Printed resources have been used 86. 28 percent more than internet sources, respectively. Furthermore, 56 percent of references are among available resources in library collections and12 percent of them relate to scientific works of faculty members.
Keyword(s): Citation analysis,Dissertations,Library Resources,Research activities,Faculty of Management
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