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Journal:   JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 2 (30) ; Page(s) 197 To 222.

A Meta-Analysis of IFRS Adoption Effects on the Capital Market

* Audit Institute
The most of empirical researches about the effects of changes in accounting regime on financial reporting and capital market, is about adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) around the world. This study is a Meta-analysis of the literature about the impact of IFRS adoption on the capital market, with the aim to sum up the results. From the published articles in the most prestigious scientific accounting journals, papers in 33 journals from 2000 to 2017are investigated (March) and meta-analysis technique developed by Hunter et al. (1982), Hunter and Schmidt (2000) and Rosenthal (1991) is followed in order to draw logical conclusions from 37 selected papers (from 17 journals) related to the adoption of IFRS. The effect of independent variable-IFRS adoption-on the main variables (10 dependent variables) is studied by calculating the effect size in five area including value relevance, level of investment, debt amount, information asymmetry, and stock liquidity, regarding to the impact of moderating variable (type of IFRS adoption). The results show the combined impact of IFRS adoption on the capital market and also they indicate that the adoption type has moderating effect on this relation.
Keyword(s): IFRS adoptin,Capital market,Five areas,Meta-analysis
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