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Journal:   JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL RESEARCH IN ACCOUNTING   WINTER 2019 , Volume 8 , Number 2 (30) ; Page(s) 273 To 297.

Effects of Audit-related Features and Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Timely Disclosure

Author(s):  Lari dashtebayaz Mahmoud, Mohammadi Shaban*, NAGHSHBANDI NADER, Moeinnezhad Behrad
* Hakim Nezami Institute of Higher Education, Quchan, Iran
This study examines effects of corporate governance mechanisms and audit features on timely disclosure predicted through an audit report lag. This research is an applied and descriptive-correlative one which uses the multivariate regression method and Eviews software to analyze the data. The sample consists of 110 firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange over the period from 2014 to 2017. The results show a significant negative relation of audit type, the number of corporate business reports, the ratio of independent directors, the size of the board, and the audit committee's activity with the audit report lag; and a significant positive relation between the unqualified audit opinion, extraordinary items, the CEO's duplicity, the ratio of inventory and debt to total assets, and property dispersion with the audit report lag.
Keyword(s): audit report lag,timely disclosure,Corporate Governance,audit committee activity
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