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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   fall 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 23 ; Page(s) 105 To 144.

Influencing Factors on Tendency to Collective Entrepreneurship in Agricultural Production Cooperatives in Ghaemshahr Township

Author(s):  SHARIFZADEH M.SH.*, Rostami Folordi E., ABDOLLAHZADEH GH.H.
* Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resource, Gorgan, Iran
This research aimed to investigate influencing factors on tendency to collective entrepreneurship in agricultural production cooperatives. This applied research was conducted by survey method. The statistical population of this research included all members of agricultural production cooperatives in the Ghaemshahr Township (N=327). Using Cochran formula, Sample size was determined (n=141). The sample was selected by multi-stage sampling technique. Data were collected through a researcher-made questionnaire. Validity of research questionnaire was verified based on the view of experts and its reliability was confirmed based on the calculated Cronbach's alpha coefficient (α =0/86 and 0/79 for variable Tendency to Collective Entrepreneurship and Social Capital index, respectively). The path analysis was used to identify the direct and indirect effect of the independent variables on the two final dependent variables, including Tendency to Collective Entrepreneurship (TCE) and Social Capital. Results of research showed that 25. 9 and 13. 5 % of the respondents had high and very high TCE in the cooperative, respectively. The result of path analysis showed that TCE positively influenced by some independent variables, including social capital (0. 69), membership in cooperative union (0. 46), using a consultant (0. 45), full exploitation of production capacity (0. 38), current number of cooperative members (0. 25), fostering essential changes in the cooperative (0. 24), number of family members of the cooperative (0. 14), initial capital of the Cooperative (0. 14) and member participation in cooperative forums (0. 80).
Keyword(s): Collective Entrepreneurship,Cooperative Entrepreneurship,Social Capital,Agricultural Production Co-operatives
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