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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   spring 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 21 ; Page(s) 87 To 106.

The Role of Agricultural Cooperatives in the Alleviation of Rural Poverty in Ilam Province

* Department of Agricultural Management, Ilam Azad University, Ilam, Iran
The present study was carried out to examine the role of agricultural cooperatives in the alleviation of rural poverty in Ilam Province. Statistical population was composed of the members of agricultural cooperatives who lived in rural areas of Ilam Province (N = 2976). Sample size was estimated to be 196 subjects using Cochran’ s formula. Sampling was carried out by stratified random sampling method. The main research instrument was a questionnaire which validity was confirmed by a panel of experts and the reliability was estimated by Cronbach's alpha as to be 0. 70. It was found that the services provided by agricultural cooperatives (credit, production inputs supply, agricultural marketing and education-extension) had significant relationship with rural poverty alleviation. As regression model revealed, credit services, production inputs supply, agricultural marketing services and educationextension services as well as age and length of membership in agricultural cooperatives accounted for 80. 9% of the dependent variable of rural poverty alleviation. Furthermore, among model’ s variables, agricultural marketing services were the main contributor to total variance of the dependent variable.
Keyword(s): Agricultural Cooperatives,Cooperatives’Services,Rural Poverty,Ilam Province
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