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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   spring 2017 , Volume 6 , Number 21 ; Page(s) 67 To 85.

The Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in Prioritized Success Factors of Rural Cooperatives in Lorestan Province

Author(s):  Kordalivand S., GHANIAN M.*, KHOSRAVIPOUR B., YAZDANPANAH M.
* Department of Agricultural Extension and Education, Ramin Agriculture and Natural Resources University, Khuzestan, Iran
The purpose of this study was to analyze hierarchy process in prioritized ranking of factors affecting the success of rural cooperatives and cooperatives ranking in the province based on various factors. The population included 110 rural cooperatives Lorestan Province. The research method used in this study was a quantitative survey method. Data were collected through check lists, also, questionnaires and interviews with managers of rural Lorestan cooperatives were implemented. Selected respondents for targeted, class and took quota and data analyze the information by Expert Choice software, Excel and SPSS (V20) were performed. The results of external and internal measures of pair-wise comparison showed that among the External and internal factors the variables regulations, professional features, finance, relationships with other organizations-and the use of funds, human capital, competition, individual attributes, physical capital and cooperative experience had the greatest impact on the success of the cooperative the province.
Keyword(s): Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP),Operation of Rural Cooperatives,Internal Factors,External Factors,Success of Rural Cooperatives,Lorestan
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