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Journal:   VILLAGE AND DEVELOPMENT   winter 2018 , Volume 20 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 49 To 71.

Study of Small City Creation and Its Effects on Surrounding Villages Settlements: A Case Study of Ferdowsiyeh City, Central District of Shahriar County of Iran

Small cities development through promoting the large villages and prone to becoming a city is one of the most important measures taken aiming at improving and increasing the life standards in rural districts. This research aimed at studyingthe creation of small cities and its effects on the surrounding villages. The study area wasFerdowsiyehcity and its surrounding villages includingYousefabadSeyrafi, Ramin, and Vastar located in the central district of Shahriar County of Iran. It was a descriptive-analytic research in terms of methodology. The requireddata was collected through documentary and field studies. The sample size was selected 379 persons through Cochran formula. The data obtained from the research was evaluated and measured using the statistical models of rank-size rule and SWOT matrix. Results showed that the normal distribution of population had no positive function in the area and failed to reduce inequalities among settlements and as well as to improve hierarchical system of settlement. Moreover, theinadequate and insufficient educational, cultural, health and medical facilities were found to be as the most important internal weaknesses.
Keyword(s): Small City,Settlement,Village,Ferdowsiyeh (City),Shahriar (County),IRAN
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