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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   winter 2016 , Volume 4 , Number 16 ; Page(s) 75 To 101.

Investigating Functions of Rangeland Cooperative’ s Union in Golestan Province

Author(s):  mohammadzadeh chali mahboubeh, SHARIFZADEH MOHAMMAD SHARIF*, Abdollahzadeh gholamhosein, GHARAVI YAZMORAD
The purpose of this research was to identify and analyze the functions of rangeland cooperative’ s union in Golestan province. This descriptive research was conducted through survey methodology. The target population was all members of rangeland cooperatives' union in Golestan province (N=1043). Based on the Bartllet et al. (2001), sample size was determined (n=200). To select the sample, random cluster technique was used. The validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by natural resources and watershed management experts in Golestan province and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach’ s alpha coefficient ). 95 to. 98). Factorial analysis of the union’ s functions extracted five factors namely as: providing information and training services, technical support, collaboration and social interactions, rangeland rehabilitation and provision of inputs that explained 74. 176% of the total variance. Factorial analysis of the influencing factors on the union’ s functions was led to extract four factors, including: accessibility of resources and infrastructure, social cohesion and institutional support, management capabilityandmember orientation which explained 77. 241 percent of total variance. Finally, the results of factorial analysis of expected outcomes of the union’ s functions revealed two factors, including sustainable utilization of therangelands and development of social and institutional capital forrangeland exploitation
Keyword(s): Rangeland management cooperatives union,Rangeland management cooperatives,Rangeland management,Functions
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