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Journal:   VILLAGE AND DEVELOPMENT   summer 2017 , Volume 20 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 17 To 41.

Evaluating the Components of Quality of Life in Rural Areas: A Case Study of Korbal District, Shiraz County of Iran

This study used a descriptive and analytical approach in a survey method to recognize and measure the level of quality of life of rural residents in Korbal district, Shiraz County of Iran. The sample size (331 members) was determined by using Cochran formula and these members were selected in a random sampling method. The results of analyzing the field studies by using statistical tests showed the highest satisfaction in quality of interaction and social cohesion domain with an average of 3. 87 and security domain with an average of 3. 64. However, in general, subjective indicators of quality of life in the area were above the average. The results of the Pearson correlation coefficient showed that an increase in satisfaction of one dimension of the quality of life was along with the satisfaction of other dimensions. Chi-square test was used for significant differences between the answers given to the statements of each domain.
Keyword(s): Interaction and Social Cohesion,satisfaction,Subjective and Objective Indicators,Rural Areas,Korbal (District),Shiraz (County),IRAN
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