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Journal:   ARCHIVES OF IRANIAN MEDICINE   November 2016 , Volume 19 , Number 11; Page(s) 774 To 778.

Clinical, Biochemical and Genetic Analysis of Biotinidase Deficiency in Iranian Population



Author(s):  Asgari Arezou, Rouhi Dehnabeh Soghra, ZARGARI MEHRYAR, KHANI SOGHRA, MOZAFARI HADI, Varasteh Abdolreza, KEYFI FATEMEH, Barzegari Mina, Hasanzaeh Rayhaneh, KHATAMI SHOHREH*
* Department of Biochemistry, Pasteur Institute of Iran, 69, Pasteur Ave.1316943551, Tehran, Iran
BACKGROUND: Biotinidase deficiency (BTD) is an autosomal recessive disorder of biotin metabolism. Biotin is a coenzyme that enhances the action of the four enzymes that play an important role in carbohydrates، amino acid، and fatty acid metabolism. Defects in these pathways cause severe metabolic disorder in the body. In general، biotinidase deficiency can be classified into two levels: partial and profound. The incidence of BTD is 1: 40، 000 to 1: 60، 000 births in the world، even though no convincing statistical data on the prevalence of this disorder exist in Iran. In this study، we aimed to set up a test for determining biotinidase activity among the Iranian population and report BTD mutations. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The quantitative method for the determination of biotinidase activity was set up in the National Biochemistry Reference Laboratory (NBRL) of Pasteur Institute of Iran in Tehran. To detect mutations in BTD، polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was performed followed by DNA sequencing. RESULTS: The biotinidase activity range values were 3. 81 – 8. 25 nmol/min/mL. We identified 8 BTD patients out of 47 cases with neurologic signs. We detected two mutations، c. 98-104del7ins3 and p. Arg79Cys، in 5 patients with profound BTD، and one p. Asp444His mutation in 3 patients with partial BTD. CONCLUSION: Infants suffering from BTD seem healthy during their first months of life. At present، the screening program for metabolic disorders such as BTD is in progress. The patients that are BTD deficient benefit from the availability of the tests، and consequently receive the Biotin supplements before being clinically affected.
Keyword(s): Biotinidase deficiency,BTD mutations,Iranian population
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