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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   2016 , Volume 23 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 118 To 127.

Production and consumption changes of range species in steppe rangelands (Case study: Soh site)

* Isfahan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center, AREEO, Isfahan, Iran
This study was conducted to demonstrate the growth behavior of Andrachne fruticosus L, Artemisia sieberi Besser، Euphorbia decipiens Boiss and Buhse، Noaea mucronata Forssk، Scariola orientalis Sojak، Stachys inflate Benth، Stipa arabica Trin & Rupr and annual species in the Soh rangelands of Meimeh, Isfahan during 2008 to 2010. To determine the production and consumption of the study species, a number of eight individuals for each species were selected for all months of growing and grazing season within the exclosure area as well as in the grazing area. Results showed that different years and months had significant effect on production of the study species (P<0. 01). According to the results recorded during the experiment, the average production of six perennials and annuals was calculated to be 255. 9 kg dry forage per hectare. The highest production rate was obtained for Artemisia sieberi and annuals, 38. 2% and 32. 9% of total forage production, respectively. Production changes were totally affected by changes in the volume and distribution of rainfall and the correlation coefficient between them was statistically significant in all species except Euphorbia decipiens. The production of the study species showed high fluctuation in response to the most severe drought in 2008. Forage production of the study species in the high-production year was 4. 5-20 times higher as compared with the low-production year. For all species, the highest forage production was obtained in May. The consumption rate varied in different years and the highest consumption was recorded in 2009 for all species except Euphorbia decipiens. As well, the highest consumption rate was recorded for annuals during the three study years.
Keyword(s): Production,consumption,Soh site,utilization percentage
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