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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   summer 2018 , Volume 7 , Number 26 #b00489; Page(s) 29 To 57.

Managers' Empowerment Dimensions Based on Resistive Economics of Manufacturing Cooperatives

Author(s):  Vakil Alroaia y.*, Aminbidokhti a.a.
* Department of Management, Semnan Azad University, Semnan, Iran
Although empowerment allows managers to use the knowledge, skills, experience of all organizations, but there were few directors and people who know how to create an empowerment culture. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between managers' empowerment dimensions based on resistive economics of manufacturing cooperatives. This was a purposely applied study, and in terms of Gathering data it was descriptive, and of type of correlation. In addition, in the analytical model of research, dynamic competency of managers as exogenous latent variable, the dynamic empowerment of managers was endogenous latent variable. Analyzing the research hypotheses showed that between dynamic competency of managers and personal profile and organizational profile and dynamic empowerment, the intensity of effect was 0. 64, 0. 76 and 0. 36, respectively. The intensity of the effect between dynamic empowerment and resistive economy was 0. 79, which indicated an appropriate relationship between research criteria. The FAHP technique was also used to determine the final priority of the elements. According to the five main criteria and the 18 sub-criteria, the priority of the “ university education” index was 0. 11 in the first priority, the "general" index with a weight of 0. 101 in the second priority. According to the results, it can be stated that with the structural and planning approach, managerial and organizational, participatory and action of employees, cooperative managers had their capabilities in the fields of investment, manufacturing, research and development, innovation and marketing. Accurately and accurately identify all deficiencies so that they could achieve their goals.
Keyword(s): Empowerment of Managers,Manufacturing Cooperatives,Resistance Economics,Dynamic Competencies of Managers
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