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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   2016 , Volume 23 , Number 1 ; Page(s) 29 To 36.

Studying the preference value of range species during a grazing period in the Bid Kheyri rangelands

Author(s):  RAHMANI GH.*, BAGHERI R., Pourmirzaie a.
* Kerman Agricultural and Natural resources Research Center, AREEO, Kerman, Iran
Preference value is defined as selection of available species by livestock. In this study, the preference value of 12 perennial species and annual grasses was determined for five months in semi-steppe rangelands of Kerman. The average annual rainfall of the study area is 270 mm. The obtained data were analyzed using SAS statistical software based on a factorial design and mean comparisons were performed by Duncan's Multiple Range Test. According to the results, significant differences were found among the study species as well as the interaction effect of species in month (P<0. 01). In addition, a higher preference value was recorded for annual and perennial grasses.
Keyword(s): Preference value,timing method,Koh-Panj
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