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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   summer 2015 , Volume 4 , Number 14 ; Page(s) 145 To 174.

Comparative Assessment of Cooperative Shared and Point Patterns of Service Delivery in Rural Administrations of Abarkuh and Lamerd Townships

This study is based on a comparative assessment to measure the level of rural satisfaction with the services provided by local management in both cooperative and spot model. SERVQUAL model has been used to measure service quality. The population of this study included villages in the central district of Abarkuh Township (cooperative model) and the central district of Lamerd Township (point model). Stratified random Sampling method was used to distribute 130 instruments in each Township, a total of 260 questionnaires were distributed all together. For data analysis, SPSS software and one sample and independent sample T-test and Chi-square test was implemented. The results showed that the rural average satisfaction level in Abarkuh Township was higher than Lamerd Township. The independent sample T-test revealed that there was a significant difference between the two Townships regarding rural average satisfaction in reliability, durability, and physical and empathy dimensions. Also, there was a significant difference between the two Townships and rural average satisfaction in Abarkuh Township with cooperative model and Lamerd Township with point model. However, there was not a significant difference between two Townships regarding responsibility dimension.
Keyword(s): Quality of service,Rural management,Cooperative Dehyari,Abarkooh City,Lamerd City
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