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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   summer 2015 , Volume 4 , Number 14 ; Page(s) 89 To 109.

Barriers and Solutions to Activate Frontiersmen Cooperatives in Kermanshah Province

Author(s):  HEIDARY H., ALIBAYGI A.H., Binaeyan A.
The main purposes of this descriptive-exploratory research were to survey barriers and identify the best solutions for activating frontiersmen cooperatives in Kermanshah Province. The population included board of directors and managers of the cooperatives (N =115). Eighty-five members using simple random sampling method was chosen by the use of Krejcie & Morgan Table. The main tool for data collection was a questionnaire that its validity was conducted through experts from the cooperative and its reliability was using Cronbach's alpha coefficient. Factor analysis was used to elicit the barriers of cooperatives success. Based on results, these barriers are linked to the government, management of cooperatives, situations of education, socio – economic barrier and proficiency. Strategies such as providing suitable infrastructures, increase foreign exchange quota of frontiersmen and more freedom in the import and export are important for the activation of the cooperatives.
Keyword(s): Development,Frontiersmen Cooperatives,Export and Import,Kermanshah
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