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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   summer 2015 , Volume 4 , Number 14 ; Page(s) 61 To 87.

Comparative Assessment the Success of Rural Production Cooperatives with other Agricultural Utilization Systems (Case study: Townships of Kashan, and Aran Bidgol)

This quantitative research was carried out with the aim of comparatively assess the success of rural production cooperatives in comparison with otheragricultural utilization systems. Statistical population of this research were agricultural beneficiaries in Kashan, Aran and Bidgol Townships (N=2700) that 486 Samples were selected through stratified random sampling from three geographical region and five kind of system operation. Data were collected using a questionnaire instrument. Validity of the questionnaire was obtained through a panel of experts and reliability was obtained through Cronbach's alpha. Data were analyzed by using SPSS16 and applying descriptive statistics, ANOVA and Duncan's test. Results revealed that the rural production cooperatives in all evaluated parameters (social, technical, economic and management) has a significant difference with other agricultural operation systems. Rural production cooperatives in comparison with other agricultural operation systems of the social and technical Index in the first place but in economy and management Index is in second place after the trading system.
Keyword(s): Agricultural Operation Systems,production cooperatives,Comparative Assessment
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