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Journal:   IRANIAN JOURNAL OF RANGE AND DESERT RESEARCH   2016 , Volume 22 , Number 4 ; Page(s) 802 To 820.

Comparison of land degradation risk between a semi humid to humid region (Sepidan) and arid region (Lamerd) based on a proposed model of RALDE in Fars Province

* Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering, Shiraz University, Iran
This research was aimed to present a new model to determine the areas with higher degradation risk through considering various indicators of land degradation and desertification aspects or criteria, namely, natural, human and trend of degradation. For this purpose, two areas were selected in the north (Sepidan) and south of the province (Lamerd). These two areas were selected because of their differences in climatic conditions. The final land degradation risk map was produced by overlaying all three natural, human and trend of degradation layers in comparison with the current status of degradation in GIS. The areas under risk were classified into subclasses with different probability level to show a statistical picture of risk in future. In this study, the percentage of risk probability was evaluated according to the trend and potential of degradation. The results showed that the dominant risk class in Sepidan was moderate, in Lamerd the dominant risk class of natural factors was moderate, and in other cases, the dominant risk class was low or no risk. In addition, the comparison of risk assessment in both areas based on the weighted average indicates that the degradation risk of human factors, current degradation trend and finally land degradation risk in Sepidan is sever as compared with Lamerd. In general, degradation risk in Sepidan with a semi humid to humid climate condition is more sever than that of Lamerd with a dry climate.
Keyword(s): Land degradation,indicator,natural factors,human factors,trend,potential factor,risk probability of hazard,GIS
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