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Journal:   CO - OPERATION AND AGRICULTURE (TAAVON)   spring 2016 , Volume 5 , Number 17 ; Page(s) 75 To 99.

Competitiveness Model of Manufacturer Cooperatives with Relying on Entrepreneurial Strategy

Author(s):  Talebi k., ZAHEDI Y.*
* Department of Entrepreneurship, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
Applying the entrepreneurial strategy ensures the improvement of competitiveness indexes among all other production factors, so that, in this research we intended to draw thee cooperative sector managers intentions to this important issue by the means of studying academic literatures and filed study. In this study, 386 questionnaires gathered among the senior managers of all production co-operatives in Iran which was reliable for analysis. Data were analyzed through structural equation modelling methodology by the use of the Smart Pls. 2 software. The results showed there was a positive relation between the resources and capabilities of cooperatives and their entrepreneurial strategy, and also, there was a positive relationship between entrepreneurial strategy and competitiveness of cooperatives. Finally, the competitive environment had a significant impact on competitiveness and entrepreneurial strategies.
Keyword(s): Competitiveness,Production Cooperatives,Entrepreneurial Strategy
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