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Journal:   JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH   2017 , Volume 72 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 385 To 389.

Blood contamination of pigeons gathering food in FMD involved farms

Author(s):  Taghipour Bazargani t.*, Madadgar o., Vahedi a.
* Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tehran,Tehran, Iran
BACKGROUND: FMD is one of the most important animal health problems in the world and is ranked at the top of the list A of potentially epidemic infectious diseases of livestock (OIE). FMD virus infects a wide range of domestic and wild cloven hooved animals and causes clinical signs. The disease is mild zoonotic and 70 wild mammal species from 20 animal families are susceptible to infection. Also, birds are mentioned as transferring agent of FMD virus in several references. OBJECTIVES: The motivation of this study was due to observation of a significant presence of pigeons in FMD involved farms in the epidemic of serotype O2016 in the first months of 2016. METHODS: After hunting of six pigeons gathering food in FMD involved farms, their blood samples were collected. In the laboratory, FMDV genome was traced by RT-PCR with aphtovirus universal primers and final product was sequenced. RESULTS: The 328 bp band indicating a positive result was observed in electrophoresis of all samples. These results were also confirmed in repeated experiments. Then the RT-PCR products were sequenced in both directions. Alignment and BLAST results indicated more than 97% identity of virus from samples with FMD registered viruses in Genebank, demonstrating the presence of FMD virus genome in the blood of the pigeons. CONCLUSIONS: This result indicates FMD virus genome viremia in the blood of pigeons. It is worth noting that pigeons’ infection is very important because this species is a free flight bird and has the possibility of transmitting the virus over long distances, thereby causing new epidemics. Finally, it is necessary for further studies to investigate the possible presence of clinical signs in the pigeons, the possibility of shedding, routs and virus titers of shedding from any of the possible ways.
Keyword(s): FMD,blood contamination,pigeon,RT-PCR
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