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Journal:   JOURNAL OF VETERINARY RESEARCH   2017 , Volume 72 , Number 3 ; Page(s) 289 To 295.

Evaluation of enzymatic effects of some strains of Entomopathogenic fungi studied on hard ticks (Ixodes ricinus)

Author(s):  PIRALI Y.*, Karimi i., Nabian s., Zaylabi v.
* Department of Pathobiology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran
BACKGROUND: Biological control of parasites by using entomopathogen fungi is the one of the recommended ways to control them instead of using the chemical agents. Entomopathogen fungi are not pathogenic for animals and plants, while ticks are one of the most important parasites of animals that can transmit very important microbial pathogens. Ixodes ricinus is a hard tick that infests animals and human. OBJECTIVES: This study demonstrated enzyme assay of entomopathogen fungi hosted on Ixodes ricinus. METHODS: Enzymatic activities of chitinase, lipase and protease of fungal structures on the killed tick bodies have been assayed by standard sphectrophotometric methods. RESULTS: Chitinase, lipase and protease activities showed significant differences among different fungal strains (p<0. 05). This research, which was done for first time in Iran demonstrated the effect of some enzymes which affect on acaricidal properties of native strain of entomopathogenic fungi in Iran. CONCLUSIONS: This study reveals the relationship between enzyme level of fungal strains and the possibility of selecting more effective strains of entomopathogenic fungi.
Keyword(s): biological control,entomopathogenic fungi,enzyme assay,Ixodes ricinus
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