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Journal:   JOURNAL OF FACULTY OF ENGINEERING (UNIVERSITY OF TEHRAN)   May 2004 , Volume 38 , Number 1 (83); Page(s) 82 To 98.


Author(s):  KAVOUSI K., MOSHIRI B.

Information Fusion compared with Data Fusion concept stands in a higher level of hierarchy on decision making process. As a result, this makes it possible to achieve better and more complete results.
Today intelligent systems are able to act as personal assistant of human, and provide the needed information among the available information sources. The research work on this field is essential and there are still many deficiencies on this respect to be sorted out. In this article, we have focused on the Information Fusion concept with a novel approach to design and implement an architecture of a customized intelligent agent, which will be able to retrieve the information needed by user with respect to his/her interests from various information servers (such as internet and intranet search engines and databases). The designed agent uses the different information fusion techniques to achieve this goal. The OWA operator which is the subset of the great family of Fuzzy Integral Operators is used to design the operational model of above mentioned agent. This agent fuses the Data, Features, and Decisions in three distinct levels.
The agent is able to cluster categories, and extracts the behavioral model of information servers with respect to each cluster and uses these models in final decision making process.

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