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Journal:   OLYMPIC   FALL-WINTER 2003-2004 , Volume 11 , Number 3-4 (SERIAL 24); Page(s) 105 To 114.


Flexibility is recognized as an important component of physical fitness, and some tests of flexibility is included in most physical fitness batteries. The inclusion of a test of flexibility is due to the belief that a lack of flexibility may contribute to athletes ` performance or perhaps be the cause of many injuries. The sit - and reach and toe touch tests are most often employed to assess flexibility of hamstring and low - back muscles. These are widely used in many fitness center, schools, and universities. Despite the use of these tests in many centers, it is a crucial question whether limb length differences may be an important factor on measuring leg and lumbar muscles flexibility. Some investigators suggested that limb length is still controversies and the purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between limb length and the assessing the muscles flexibility by sit & reach and toe-.touch tests. One hundred male students ranging in age form 19-25 years, Volunteered to be subjects limbs (arm, leg. Trunk. Etc) were measured in a relaxed standing position by a tape measure in centimeters. After measurements a 5 min, Warm up was carried out by the subjects. The sit-and-reach test was administered using sit - and-reach box subjects were positioned on step then they were as described in Hugger et al. Toe- touch was administered while the asked to bend forward and push the moveable scale with straight knee as far as possible. Three trials were taken and the average was used for analysis. The results indicated the significant relationship between the height of the subjects and the muscles` flexibility in the sit and - reach and the toe- touch tests. The results also showed no significant relationship between trunk and arm length and the sit - and- reach and toe - touch tests. There was a significant relationship between the leg length and responses in both leg tests. According to these findings it should be kept in mind that the flexibility measurement of hamstring and lower. back muscles by the sit - and - reach and toe- touch test is in relationship with the height. In recognizing the effect of upper and lower extremity muscles flexibility, the results indicated that the flexibility than the trunk and arm lengths. Therefore, it seems that these tests should be used solely as a measurements of hamstring muscles and if the measurement of low- back flexibility is of interest, however, a new field test should be developed.
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