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Journal:   MEDICAL ETHICS   SUMMER 2014 , Volume 8 , Number 28; Page(s) 11 To 28.


Author(s):  MOEIN A., MOAREFI Q.R.

Medicine is a profession. Professions are groups that declare in a public way which their members promise to in a certain ways and have higher goals. The profession presents itself to the community as a social benefit. It usually issues codes of ethics stating the standards by which its members can be judged. In this study our goal is investigations of ethical codes of medical professionalism or characters of physicians in views of Islamic teaching. A library study of Quran verses, hadith and Islamic articles about medical professionalism or characters of physicians has been undertaken. The most important medical ethics codes in Islamic texts was found by Hazrat Ali (AS) and Imam Sadegh (AS) statements which are: 1- piety, 2- seriousness and effort, 3- compassion and benevolence, 4- knowledge, 5- trusts. Islamic teachings introduce an important ethical code that is the most important code which is available. It is the same ethical code of prophets, Imams and believers. It has all other values and ethical codes within itself. Piety code that is headed of ethical codes and caused the popularity of God, accompanied God, having knowledge and wisdom and distinction, things become easy, abundant daily bread and to be saved.

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